Premium Fabric Tech Built Exclusively for Scrubs

Embedded Antimicrobial Technology

Made to last, our tech is locked in every thread, not just sprayed on top.

Trust, but Verify

Numbers don’t lie. Everything is 3rd-party tested for the cleanest scrubs available.

Copper > Silver

Copper has been repeatedly shown to be the more powerful antimicrobial.

it starts with a thread

We believe that things are most effective when they come from within. That’s why our fabric technology is at the heart of our design, starting at the beginning, rather than the end.

Our proprietary Threadfusion fabric infuses billions of antimicrobial copper particles directly into the threads, permanently embedding antimicrobial properties into your scrubs.

deep dive into copper

Copper is used in all kinds of medical products due to its potent biocidal properties that neutralize the microbes it comes into contact with (which is just a fancy way to say that copper eliminates bacteria, fungi, and viruses).

This natural element works round the clock, 24/7. Unlike other antimicrobial agents, Copper works in a variety of temperatures, environments, and humidities.

the not so silver lining

So what makes it different from the “antimicrobial” running shirt in your closet? That cheap fabric was probably treated with silver which has been shown to be much less effective than copper since it needs to be in a wet state for antimicrobial activity.

Essentially, if you aren’t sweating, the silver isn’t effectively killing germs. Silver is great for the gym, not so much in the clinic.

here to stay

Our infusion-based fabric technology is more effective, durable, and environmentally friendly over time when compared to conventional antimicrobial finishes and coatings. Most scrubs simply spray on an antiquated, “antimicrobial” coating of silver onto the final fabrics. However, these so called finishings come off in as few as 10 washes — meaning that the antimicrobial properties you paid for end up going down the drain.

So every trip to the laundry reduces the effectiveness of that antimicrobiaI property. In comparison, ThreadFusion technology permanently embeds into your scrubs so you never lose those germ-killing effects.

kills germs
properties last longer
doesn't leach into waterways

it's all in the numbers

So c’mon, how effective is ThreadFusion, really? Ouragins scrubs are tested by independent third-party laboratories to answer that exact question. The reports show that your scrubs kill 99.9% of germs like K. pneumoniae, E. coli, and even MRSA after just 2 hours. Other scrubs are only able to get these numbers after 24 hours.

In a head-to-head test with the leading “antimicrobial” competitor, the proprietary ThreadFusion technology reduced 99% S. aureus. Meanwhile the leading competitor only got a 22% reduction. This makes Ouragi​ns 4x more effective than the leading "antimicrobial" competitor.

So when we say antimicrobial, we really mean it.


Kill Rate



Kill Rate



Kill rate

E. Coli

the results

Here's how our scrubs stack up against the leading competitor.