start something good

Your scrubs are more than just a uniform. They’re the starting point of the impact that you have in the world. And when you invest in good scrubs, you can start something good for your patients.

We make scrubs that…

...keep you protected

We create your scrubs from tech fabric to keep you more protected as you move from patient to patient. Our ThreadFusion technology was developed with the most advanced infusion-based technologies to kill 99% of germs.

…grow your investments

When you shop with a brand or talk to your friends about it, you are helping it grow. So why shouldn’t you benefit from that growth? We are proud to be the first brand to gift stocks in the company just for shopping with us through Ouragins Elite.

…match your values

In creating Ouragins, we knew that we wanted to support local communities and create opportunities for those right here in our backyard. That’s why all Ouragins scrubs are made in the USA.

keep it simple

We prioritize quality over profit by making all our scrubs in America. Keeping things local makes it easier to manage our entire supply chain and ensure that our workers are paid fair wages.

supporting communities

Ouragins scrubs are created by an entire chain of hard-working people. Every pair of hands helps to make your scrubs better and, in turn, they are supported by your purchases. Their communities are revitalized from the opportunities that you help create. It’s a positive cycle of good all from the scrubs that you wear everyday.

built to last

We make scrubs that’s durable and made to last. Advanced technical fabric meets high quality construction. Unlike most stuff you buy, its made to be worn time and time again – not end up in a landfill.